About Us

Our History, Our Future

The meaning of FILTHY HAANZ is a celebration of life. The human hand is the symbol of creation, and while filthy has come to define “dirty” or “messy” we term “a filthy hand” as the ultimate tribute to work and creation, the foundation of life. The clothing created by this label uses the human body to create the beauty of the clothing, just as clothing many times creates the beauty of the body.

The original colors of our logo represents our history and present existence; the red is for blood that flows within us, the green is for the earth that gives us life, the yellow is for the sun that enlightens us daily and the gold is a symbol of the standard of excellence which we aspire to achieve.

For that reason FILTHY HAANZ was created with all in mind, a North American based fashion label that is for the international community. We did not spell “hands” with traditional English spelling, because this label is not just English, we created a new spelling that is neutral therefore belonging to all languages and all nationalities. We invite you to join our celebration of life and remind you that as you wear our clothing and view our fashions, this is a tribute to you

Wilber Tellez

Head Designer + Creative Coordinator

Wilber has had the pleasure of launching this upscale line for Filthy Haanz Last season he was designing their swimwear line when the brand decided to take the next step.

From 2006-2009 Wilber worked as head costume designer for Club Med in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Mexico Lxtapa and Cancun.

He then went off to Vancouver where he studied high end tailoring and garment construction at LaSalle College. While in school he showed at Vancouver Fashion Week.